Mount Baker III - 20" x 16" - $300.00 - 2617 

Mount Baker I - 20" x 16" - $300.00 - 2617

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Thelma's Fibre Art

What is Fibre?

Fibre (or fiber) is a natural (plant/animal) or synthetic substance that has strands that are significantly longer than they are wide.  Fibre materials can be created by weaving, twining, knotting, plaiting, coiling, pleating, spinning, lashing, and interlacing.  

Some of the fibre art techniques are quilting, felting knitting, rug-hooking, lace-making, braiding or plaiting, macrame, flocking (for texture) and more. There are a wide variety of dying techniques, fibre painting techniques, cyanotype and heliographic (sun-printing) techniques used to colour the artwork. 

A Brief History of Fibre

Fibre artists have been around since the beginning of time.  

Ice Age man wore tunics, caps and belts made from plant fibres twined or woven together. 

​The Egyptians made linen from flax plants as well as pummelling papyrus reeds into paper.

Between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, tapestries and rugs were woven and often used as wall hangings.

Modern fibre art (fabric art or textile art) often uses cotton from cotton seed pods, linen from flax stems, wool from sheep hair, silk from silkworm cocoons or synthetic materials such as plastic acrylic. 

Thelma's Fibre Art